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Golden Gate
October 23, 2011

I shot this a couple of weeks ago, when I was visiting San Francisco (aka The Greatest City in the World). Mom and I drove up to Sausalito to get a good shot of the Golden Gate bridge at sunset. I think conditions might have been better if we’d gone at sunrise, but since it was an hour drive from Palo Alto, we stuck with sunset. Next time, though.

I used mom’s fish-eye lens, and then fixed the distortion later in Lightroom. That’s the moon all blown-out in the top left. I thought about cutting it out of the photo, but I kind of like the line it creates with the bridge towers. And it just sort of looks cool. But I LOVE the reflection of the bridge lights on the water. Such a beautiful night.

Anyway, great story from this shoot – we met a fellow photographer named Eugeny from Russia. He was really friendly, and we did a bit of chatting and experimented with each others’ lenses.  Mom asked him at one point whether he was traveling with friends or alone. “Well,” he said (with a thick Russian accent). “I WAS traveling with a friend, but…uh…well, the shit has happened and now I am alone.”

Best. Quote. Ever.